Your source for amazing paints

Oricalcum supplies premium period and designer paints for interior and exterior use. We hold exclusive UK distribution rights for two superior paint brands, linseed oil paint from Sweden and Emente paint from Belgium.

Oricalcum? That's a funny name.

Oricalcum is pronounced as ori-kal-kum. It is a mythical red gold (ori means gold) used in the Mayan and Inca Empires.

Who’s behind Oricalcum?

Oricalcum was established in 2012 by managing director Michiel Brouns, Michiel Brouns portrait  and the company is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Michiel previously worked at Kwarts & Co in the Netherlands, where he was a pupil of Haske Van Zadelhoff, a leading expert on paint and building materials for historic buildings. Michiel himself has now become the UK's leading expert on the use of linseed paint for historic as well as timber buildings. He is regularly asked to speak at events like the IHBC Annual School, the Listed Property Owners Club and the RICS Building Surveying Conference. Read Michiel's article on linseed paint for IHBC's Context magazine here.

Why did we choose these two paint brands?

We’ve partnered with these paint brands because they meet our strict criteria and because we know they offer the kind of paint which discerning clients want to use in this modern era. We look for premium-quality paints with strong ecological credentials, delivering outstanding benefits in a wide palette of beautiful colours. Don't take our word for it, this quote from one of our customers is just one of many in the same vein we received recently:


"I have had problems for the past 5 years with Dulux Weathershield paint cracking. Five times I have repainted my windows stripping down to bare wood and drying out to circa 12% moisture, all to no avail.  I have been in contact with Dulux and they have given me your name as a manufacturer of linseed oil paint which is deemed the answer to my problems."                                                                                                 - John H., Nottingham


Who do we sell to?

We sell linseed oil paint and Emente paint online both to the trade (architects, interior designers and decorators) and to the general public. If you’d like to try either paint brand, why not order a sample pot? 

Why does the right paint matter?

We’ve seen the damage that can be done by using the wrong paints, either because they deliver the wrong finish (special finishes are needed for period homes, such as beautiful centuries-old wattle & daub cottages) or because they can damage the substrate. For example, many modern paints can trap moisture, leading to wood rot. We can advise on the rights and wrongs of modern paints and plasters, and can sometimes help to reverse damage already done.

The perfect preparation

In order to have the best preparation for the application of linseed paint, we have selected Speedheater products for existing paint removal. Speedheater products are turning the paint removal industry completely on its head due to the ease of use and exceptional cost saving. This is how it works! Once existing paint has been removed from paint and steel, the surface can be painted using linseed paint straight from the tin.

Do we do anything else besides paint?

Oricalcum has a sister company, Histoglass, which supplies extremely thin double glazing units for installation in existing timber and metal window frames. Histoglass units are ideal for period and listed properties, both residential and commercial, which are undergoing restoration and renovation. They provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties without the need to remove the original windows.